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Steven Sharpe Jr. | Content creation and photographer

Steven Sharpe Jr is a New York-based fashion & lifestyle creator, founder of Nobius Creative Studios, mental health advocate & host of Sanctum Podcast.

Steven developed his creative eye and knack for storytelling early as a window dresser and visual merchandiser. After being handed the social media account for the store he worked at, he began honing his skills in social media. Steven cultivated a deeper understanding of the mechanics of social media platforms like Instagram, and how to visually convey a story that captures peoples’ attention. These skills brought Steven to opportunities at an agency developing social media strategies for brands and, later, allowed Steven to develop his own social media presence as an influencer and content creator.

Online, Steven believes in "rest over hustle" and views his platforms as creative spaces for expressing his classic style, world travels, personal wellness, and to speak candidly about his mental health struggles. Steven hopes that by sharing his story, it will encourage others who felt shame around their mental health to feel seen and supported. 


As a Black and Latino content creator, Steven understands the importance of seeing Black men thriving in public platforms. Therefore he’s very intentional about expressing vulnerability alongside luxury and joy in his imagery .

In 2021, Steven founded Nobius Creative Studios out of a desire to protect creators, especially Black and brown creators, from exploitation. It has since grown into an agency producing content for brands, managing a roster of content creators, and developing custom influencer strategies for brands. Steven is committed to running an ethical agency; one that is transparent, fair, and sees creators and brand partners as people and not just numbers on a balance sheet.

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