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Content Production
(Photo + Video)

Steven serves as a one-stop-shop for producing high-quality photo and video content for brands. Whether you need content for your organic social media calendar or for paid advertising, let's talk!

Campaign Management

Steven has years of experience implementing campaign strategies that work best for his client’s goals, and he has cultivated a large influencer network. Together, we can develop a plan for your next influencer campaign that meets your goals.

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Steven Sharpe Jr. | Creator and mental health advocate


Steven Sharpe Jr. | Creator and Mental health advocate

Steven Sharpe Jr is a New York-based fashion & lifestyle creator, founder of Nobius Creative Studios, mental health advocate & host of Sanctum Podcast.


In 2021, Steven founded Nobius Creative Studios out of a desire to protect creators, especially Black and brown creators, from exploitation.


It has since grown into an agency producing content for brands, managing a roster of content creators, and developing custom influencer strategies for brands. Steven is committed to running an ethical agency; one that is transparent, fair, and sees creators and brand partners as people and not just numbers on a balance sheet.

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