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Steven Sharpe Jr. | Creator and mental health advocate
Steven Sharpe Jr is the 'Man of Leisure'
NYC fashion, lifestyle, and wellness content creator and founder of Nobius Creative Studios

UGC Production
(Photo + Video)

Need content for your social media or advertising? Let's chat!

Steven specializes in what we like to call 'UGC' — in other words, Steven create top-tier photo and video content for your brand to use on social media, in blogs, websites, and email marketing and even paid advertising!

Campaign Management

Drawing from extensive expertise in crafting tailored campaign strategies and leveraging a vast network of influencers, Steven brings a wealth of experience to the table.


Collaborating with Steven means devising a bespoke plan for your next influencer campaign, meticulously designed to achieve your objectives with precision

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Steven Sharpe Jr. | Creator and mental health advocate


Steven Sharpe Jr. | Creator and Mental health advocate

Meet The Man of Leisure

Steven is a Brooklyn-based fashion, lifestyle, and wellness influencer and the founder and managing director of Nobius Creative Studios. Steven is a visionary leader dedicated to compelling creative expression and elevating brands to new heights. With a passion for storytelling and a knack for captivating visuals, Steven has established himself as a formidable contender in the industry — securing projects with brands like Target, Meta, CeraVe, Dr. Martens, and Cole Haan, to name a few.

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